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There is a large entertainment / souvenir market in Hollywood. Many collectors focus on collecting original signatures from movie stars, filmmakers, and cast members for Broadway plays and musicals. Once a movie star dies, his signature value on anything is an item of great value.

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Other Hollywood entertainment articles / memorabilia focus on things that are directly related to a specific movie. Some collectors prefer to collect miles from movies that were movie clips and not seen by the general public in cinema. These glimpses of the past are very rare and sought after by collectors because they are investments that could reap great rewards if released to the public.

Some Hollywood entertainment / memorabilia items have been reprinted. The originals were marketed as limited editions and were highly collectible. The general public showed a keen interest in using these printed copies to decorate their homes or create sanctuaries for their favorite actors and actresses. Single signed copies are also collectible.

Every movie has a score and it’s hard to find some musical items from Hollywood Entertainment / Memorabilia. Some film producers will only use scores once on their opening night and then assign multiple copies of the movie score to be shown in theaters in different parts of the country. The original result of the Hollywood Entertainment / Memorabilia article is priceless.

There has been great interest in using Hollywood Entertainment memorabilia as a mobile wallpaper. Fans of Marilyn Monroe or James Dean can now have fun with their idol and have their photo taken with them every day when the photo is placed in the display area with their mobile phone.

Music scores from movies, comedy routines, and TV shows have been converted to MP3 files and are used all over the world on cell phones. These Hollywood Entertainment / Memorabilia items have been converted to ringtones. Callers can now be recognized through Frank Sinatra’s voice or Mae West’s sensual voice.

Many people prefer to use old cartoons as background images on PDAs, cell phones or laptops. The Hollywood entertainment gifts / souvenirs that used to entertain us while taking a break can now be found in all kinds of places, including the T-shirts we wear and the designs we wear to our pants. Hollywood entertainment / souvenir sales have been fast and there is still a way to market the good vintage items that have brought joy to so many lives, long ago.

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