Famous People With Narcolepsy

Although narcolepsy is not as common as other sleep disorders such as insomnia and sleep apnea, it is affecting 1 in 2000 people in the US. While there is no proven treatment for this disorder, majority of the narcolepsy sufferers are able to lead a normal life. It is just can be dangerous if whenever the sleep attacks or sudden control loss occur while they are using any dangerous machinery or driving. This entire incident can really cause injury. It even will affect their performance in anything they do especially if they work as a teacher, lawyer, or any other professional field.

This can really be a problem. And to avoid all those harm, people with narcolepsy need to take a nap before performing their job and during times where the sleep attack is likely occur, make sure to safeguards their workspace and home surroundings, don’t be alone in times where the sleep attack usually come, take narcolepsy medicine that were prescribe by your doctor, and don’t be shy to seek help from your friends, family and colleagues. Tell them about narcolepsy so that they’ll to be aware and look after you.

This kind of abnormal disorder doesn’t choose their victim. No matter what race, gender, age, and jobs. Whoever will have the chance the get it Even famous people suffer from narcolepsy. One of those famous people who have narcolepsy is Franck Bouyer, a French cyclist. This 33 years old cyclist who used to cycle with Bouygues team had suffer narcolepsy almost for two years. He overcomes his narcolepsy problem with a type of drug that is Modafinil. However, the Modafinil drug was banned to use by cyclist and this has prevented him from doing his job that is cycling.

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