Going Shopping and What Women Really Do

Shopping is something we do all the time but what do we really do when we go “shopping”? Knowing why and how women shop can make a great difference for a retail business so they can meet our needs but how many shops really think carefully about this?

To me doing errands like getting the groceries and taking orders to the post office is the regular run of the mill shopping. It is part of running a household and a business but it isn’t recreational fun.

For most of us “shopping” means an enjoyable outing to the shops, to the shopping mall, online shopping, catalog shopping, street strip shopping, it is recreational and about leisure.

Shopping doesn’t actually have to mean spending up big or even spending anything, it can be window shopping where we just go and see what’s at the shops, what’s happening, check out the new designs, see what’s on sale, keeping an eye on that new DVD that’s out to see when it is dropping down for bargain shopping, getting gift ideas for upcoming birthdays and events.

Shopping can even be catching up with a girlfriend for coffee and then a wonder round the shops. While shopping can be about buying things it is usually also about being social, exploring, seeking pleasure and being independent.

“Retail therapy” doesn’t have to involve spending money either, it can be just as simple as having an evening strolling round the shops and seeing what’s happening.

Shops both online and at the mall need to be setup to consider the different ways women shop – whether they’re out to buy something or for any other reasons. Knowing why women shop makes this much easier.

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