How to Become a Movie Star Or How to Stand Out From the Crowd & Become Famous!

Do you tell yourself, if I could just become famous, I’ll be happy! Well, be careful what you wish for because you might get it – and because that’s not always true. Several well known, mostly-young Hollywood stars became rich & famous, hated the Hollywood life style, and died very young. Fame is not always wonderful. The paparazzi is camped outside your door, you can’t walk down the street, you have to vacation in remote places to gain any freedom, and the scandal sheets are writing lies about you. Can you live with that life style and be happy? YOU CAN? All right then, let’s examine what attributes, mind-set, intelligence, and talents it takes to become a famous movie star or a famous anything else.

Look at the daily listing of birthdays of famous people in the newspaper. They’re not all actors. There are authors, artists, politicians, scientists, sports stars, TV personalities, musicians, and many others. The point is, there are many ways to become famous. And usually you only become famous doing what you’re good at. So, great tennis players, golfers, and football players become sports stars. Great Mathematicians can win a Nobel Prize. Great authors write best-sellers. Musicians hit the top of the charts. How about you? What are you good at? What activity do you really enjoy doing? We’ll examine what you need to become famous. Then we’ll show you the way the reach the goals that are right for you.

Let’s start with you becoming a movie star. First, answer these questions. Have you been in school or community plays, been successful and really enjoyed it? Are you eager to go to drama school so you can further your craft? Do you have the intelligence while doing a play to figure out your character motivation and can you memorize all your lines easily? The point is, to become a successful actor, you have to spend many years learning your craft. If you don’t enjoy acting, it’ll be torture and you won’t (in the long run) have the persistence to make it. Actors knock on many doors and pay their dues doing many menial jobs to earn a living while pursuing their dream. Actors have a keen awareness of their assets and liabilities. Their self-confidence in their destiny keeps them going until they finally make it. Ask yourself, are you willing to work as a waiter or waitress for years while you attend acting class and pretend to be a rock in a stream? Is this you?

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