List of Famous American Physicians

American doctors are not just known for their good treatment of their patients. Many of them are also well known for discovering such diseases as diabetes. In fact many American doctors have even managed to get a Nobel Prize for their selfless works.

Here we can see a few of those doctors:

Charles Horace Mayo is the first in our list. He was the main founder of the world famous Mayo clinic which has we all know is a non- profit medical organization that is known the world over.

It is thought the Charles Mayo treated almost 1 million people in his life as a doctor. Rochester, Minnesota is where you can find the location of the Mayo clinic headquarters.

Keeping it in the family we now look at Charles’s oldest child who was William James Mayo. William was another of the founders of the world famous Mayo clinic. William joined his father at his private clinic after he finished his studies in the 1880’s. This private clinic later went on to become the famous Mayo clinic.

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