List of Most Famous Paintings

Painting has been a hobby as well as vocation since very old times. This art evolved to great levels since the inception. Many techniques and styles assimilated into this art making it more lovable to masses. Painters experimented with different themes, styles, textures, media but few of the experiments were accepted by the art lovers. Different cults in painting were established as a result of these experiments. And these processes produced so many talented painters. These talented painters became the masters of the art in very short time. Though all the works which these painters made were exceptional in look, technique and accuracy but there are only a few works that have touched the hearts of the masses and left an indelible impact on the art lovers. These works have been liked by the people of all periods and are immensely famous.

Great works are thousands but greatest are few. Greatest works are revered by the masses as well as the exponents of art. Monalisa is an immortal art work made by Leonardo da Vinci. Monalisa has intrigued millions with her captivating smile. The Melting Watches of Salvador Dali is another hugely famous art work. The list is really long. Famous paintings made in several different styles, media and time period are many and most of the times striking the judgment of the viewer as to which is the greatest of all.

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