Who Are Some Famous Ellis Island Immigrants?

During the period of time when Ellis Island/the Port of New York were open and processing immigrants, millions of people from far shores entered the United States to start a new life. As would be expected, most people were everyday folks – known only to friends, family and their employers. Sort of like most people living their lives all around the world today. But also, as would be expected, a small percentage of these immigrants differentiated themselves from the teeming masses by their remarkable accomplishments on the cultural and scientific landscape.

The first famous person to enter the United States via Ellis Island is famous by accident of position. This person is the very first person to enter the country through the facility – Annie Moore. She arrived in America in 1892 and will forever be known as the first person to pass through the facility. Her fame of course is simply luck of the draw. Anyone else who was in that position would have held the same fame.

Another arrival in 1892 was not famous but had a famous son. Fritz Austerlitz was the father of dance legend Fred Astaire – made famous in several marvelous Hollywood classics like Finian’s Rainbow, Royal Wedding, Funny Face, The Gay Divorcee and many others. Also arriving in 1892 were Antonius Dvorac – famous composer and Rudyard Kipling – writer and poet best known for his work The Jungle Book.

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