Different Asthma Specialists To Consider

Asthma is quite prevalent worldwide. As of 2009, 300 million individuals around the world are suffering from this disorder. It affects old and young people alike. In the USA, there are more young asthma sufferers than adults. Experts also notice a worrisome direction in childhood asthma in the United States – the number of children afflicted with this respiratory problem continues to grow. If you or your child is suffering from asthma, you have to decide on an asthma specialist carefully. Below are a few asthma specialists to choose from:

Allergists – Asthma can be brought about by allergens, and an allergist, who is a pediatrician or internist with extra training in allergy and immunology, can thus help ascertain your allergens and provide an effective management for such as well. Usual allergens include pollen, mold spores, dust, and animal dander.

Internist or pulmonologist – There are instances when asthma is not triggered by allergens. In such instances, it is called intrinsic asthma. Internists specialize in internal medicine, and pulmonologists, sub-specialize in treating respiratory conditions. Both of these specialists can help figure out factors such as hormones, inflammatory processes that trigger asthma. They can also provide treatment for asthma related to smoking, exercise, GERD, and weather changes. These specialists are also the ideal choice for sufferers of adult onset asthma.

ENT specialist – Also called otolaryngologists, these doctors treat disorders arising from the ear, nose, throat, and some parts of the head and neck. Asthma can be caused by colds, sinus and throat infections, and postnasal drip. An ENT specialist can adequately provide treatment for these conditions.

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