Ancient And Modern British Football Memorabilia

One thing that you have to understand when it comes to British football memorabilia is the fact that there is an insignificant variance in the prices of ancient items and modern collectibles. While most antique British football programmes generate a lot of interest, the same response can also be expected from British football shorts, shirts and boots worn by players from the last season.

The overall trend in British football memorabilia is for prices to continue to rise following a steep curve. For instance, the football boots worn by David Beckham was sold by Christie’s at a price of £14,000. The immediate consequence of this sharp increase in prices of British football memorabilia items is that it offers limited options when it comes to the items that people can collect. Thus, most people tend to specialise on specific areas such as jerseys, club programmes or medals and just collect specific items from various periods of the history of British football.

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