British Art Lands at the Pac in Milan

Contemporary British art is now presenting its noticeable quote of inspiration to highly stylized eccentricity, characterised by harsh radical beauty without frills. The interesting occasion is provided by the exhibition which is taking place until 13th September at the Pac in Milan with the title “Passports. Travelling with art – 75 years of painting, photography and installations from the British Council collection”. Therefore, it is not only a celebration of the anniversary of this famous British institution, but also a way to retrace a journey among the greatest stars of 20th and 21st century British Art.

The choice was difficult: the Irish painter Michael Craig-Martin, who curated the event, has selected about forty famous works from a collection, the British Council art collection, which boasts more than 8 thousand works.

The title of the exhibition, “Passports”, refers to the journey made by the works since they were purchased. An actual itinerary in art across international boundaries, which will show to the spectators the passport of each piece, consisting of all the museums and galleries which have hosted them over the decades. Documented movements on exhibition. So for instance: the picture Hill House by Peter Doig, one of the most extraordinary painters of our days, arrives from South Africa, while Chris Ofili’s work, realised with elephant dung, from Nigeria.

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