Article Writing And Marketing – 4 Secrets Of Winning Customers

As a Web Business Owner in 2011, you need to learn strategic, time-saving and cost-effective ways of gaining customer trust, building brand integrity, sharing honest information about your product and highlighting benefits for a buyer as opposed to other internet marketing techniques, if you want effective and longterm results!

Learning how to sell your online business product (or even a service) instead of focusing on its features is vital for gaining customer interest. This is something I learnt over the past 7 years I’ve worked as a freelance writer for diverse web and print publications.

For example, as a writer, I would concentrate on the different types of writing I have undertaken for publishers if a new client asked for a background summary of projects I have completed successfully.

I managed to land a few good writing projects with this approach, but soon realized that I landed better paying and more long term writing projects only when I put the customer needs above my own skill set, or offered a package deal. Which means, I made better sales for my writing services by selling benefits instead of service features, like:


  • Highlighting high quality of research for original writing, with complete proofing reading and editing done to the client’s satisfaction, inclusive of writing fee as opposed to simply informing them, “Yes, I can take on your article writing assignment.”
  • Offering the client submission services to top article directories as an extra benefit of hiring me for a bulk article writing project, as opposed to simply confirming my availability for the writing job.
  • Making a promotional offer of 1 free sample article/blog write up for a new client enquiring about website content writing in the form of a rough draft. So the client benefits from knowing I understand his target market and tone of communication required for a niche audience, which he wouldn’t if I simply droned on about how many different types of blogs or websites I have created content for.


Therefore, if you want to win more customers, pay attention to your website copywriting needs a little more closely and choose a qualified web content writer for the job of communicating in a personalized way with your target market.

Given below are some effective ideas that I have applied for several article writing and marketing projects successfully, all of which are based on the central theme of selling an online service or product by highlighting its benefits, as opposed to rattling off its features, like marketers in traditional advertising tend to do.

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