For Writing Articles That Get Read And Shared

As a writer, you want your article to be read. You’d love it even more if your article got shared – Especially multiple times! Knowing your article has been seen by readers is one of the best feelings a writer can experience.

It can seem easy enough to write an article, yet you languish in despair when the results you wanted didn’t come. Is it possible to take a systematic approach to article writing so your pieces get read and shared?

Articles have been and will remain one of the best ways for people to obtain quality information when going online. People want and need solutions to their pressing problems, and writing high quality articles is a way to help your identified niche. Below are my first seven steps for writing an article that gets read and shared.

1. What will be the reader’s result?

The most vital and make-or-break aspect of your article is: “What will be the reader’s result?” If you can’t condense the result into one actionable sentence, the article covers too much ground. Your reader should be able to walk away from the article and know exactly what they need to do. It should only be one action that brings them a measurable result.

2. Has your article been written as a piece of “copy”?

If you’re writing an article, blog post or an email, there’s a high likelihood you want the reader to take an action after reading. This is called copywriting – the ability to persuade a reader to specific action via the written word.

While truly effective copywriting does take time and skill to master, you don’t need to have a Bachelor’s degree in English or anything of the sort to get started. You simply need to place yourself in your ideal reader’s shoes and ask yourself the following question:

“If I were browsing the Internet looking for a solution to my problem, what kind of expert would I want to find, and what would I want to read from them?”

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