Make Money Writing Books And Articles Online

The Internet is a veritable goldmine for writers. Almost all of the communication on the Internet is by way of the written word, and it ages daily. The strength of the Net is not the volume of its files but the freshness and ready availability of the information it provides.

This means that many, many writers and still more writers will continue to earn money writing for the Net to supply this printed word and keep it fresh and current. They will make money writing books, articles, website content and whatever else is needed for the Internet and its vast marketplace to function.

It is a huge and fertile marketplace for writers, with its own ambiance and rules. The work is almost all freelance, in short contracts with materials generated for delivery in a few weeks or days. Economically it is totally a free market with many buyers and sellers and no one big enough to control parts of it.

You meet people online, negotiate work contracts, accept initial deposits, write and deliver your product and get paid, without ever meeting face to face. Your clients may be on the other side of the world, it doesn’t matter. The Internet makes them as close as your keyboard.

You assemble your portfolio, build your reputation, send out samples of your work as proof of your competence, then get a small contract with a website owner who needs your talent. Do a good job and he/she becomes a regular client, coming back again and again for more work.

Yes, there are markets where buyers and sellers, previously unknown to each other, meet and negotiate first contracts. But much of the work is done between writers and buyers who have bought their work before, and buyers accumulate a few writers whose work they know and in whom they have confidence.

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