How to Maximize the Return of Your CRM Platform

n 2017, information alone is no longer power, as “57% of the buyer’s journey is completed before the buyer even talks to sales.” Buyers are entering the marketplace  solutionhow  engaged and educated, so insights of their experience become your company’s competitive advantage that can translate into revenue growth.

“With the customer in control, knowledge and insight are the new currency of differentiation that organizations need to elevate their conversations and interactions with customers.”

A Single View of the Customer

In order to win your customers over, move a sales opportunity forward, and deliver the right information at the right time, your entire organization must have full visibility into your customers through-out the buyer journey: one single source for all of your customer data that is intelligent and accessible. However, it is rare that organizations have a centralized system for customer information. What we often see is a silo-effect, wherein different information about the customer is stored in multiple systems across different departments. It is not enough to simply have Salesforce CRM platform though.

Is CRM Customized to Know Your Customer?

Recent studies show that companies currently operating with a CRM platform like Salesforce had still not taken advantage of 80% of potential benefits. If you’re only using 20% of its capabilities, there’s an opportunity to go beyond scratching the surface. Think about it. Would you buy the latest cutting-edge tablet or smart phone and only ever use it to take notes? Of course not! You may certainly use that feature, but there are so many other important features available, that it’s silly to think about doing that.

It’s the same with CRM platforms: integration, extension, and collaboration are the major areas where ROI improvement happens and you start taking advantage of its full capabilities. In fact, CRM systems are nothing without a proper business process and quality data.

“The value of a CRM system lies in the data you collect and strategically use to build a panoramic view of your customers that allows you to approach them with the right message at the right time.”

Salesforce CRM User Adoption is Critical

Sales representative and managers are already so overloaded with information, but what they really need is valuable knowledge: the ability to identify, target, nurture and convert quality leads. CRM enablement implementations, like most technology roll-outs, typically suffer from a one and done project mentality. They focus too much on how to use the software and too little on applying the enabling key customer touchpoints in real-world sales situations.

“71% of sales reps say they spend too much time on data entry.”

The disconnect between CRM enablement technology and the delivery of its promised potential is the most common complaint among sales and marketing executives who had previously advocated for and invested in the technology.

Salesforce CRM Platform Designed for Internal Processes

Most Salesforce CRM implementation partners expect you to adapt your business to fit the platform instead of the other way around. Even worse, each sales rep has his or her own version of the knowledge they do retain, which translates to field entry distortion, misinterpreted messages, and less predictable outcomes. So, unless you get the process right, even the best technology will just help you fail faster and with greater expense.

Selecting Your Next Salesforce CRM Enablement Partner

Through our unique positioning and our Salesforce certified team, we are prepared to equip organizations with gaining a 360-degree view of their customer. We help foster knowledge retention and increase accuracy enabling your sales teams to consistently and confidently be equipped to do the right things at the right time when interacting with prospects and customers.

Our deep industry expertise in sales and marketing and understanding of business processes within complex organizations puts your business needs above the technology, and customize solutions that elevate your organization to create inspired customer experiences.

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