Feel Better Starting NOW!

So, you want to feel better but don’t know where to start. It is my belief that even if you think you are the healthiest person alive everyone has room to feel just that little bit better.

The problem is, you will not feel better if you do not know why you don’t feel at your best every day. It was always strange to me how I could go to sleep at night, getting 8 hours rest and still wake up not feeling any better. I mean, I didn’t feel like I was dying but I did still feel tired and a little weak first thing in the morning. I’m sure you have experienced this too at one point.

For this reason, I spent many years researching ways that I could feel better and wanted to discover the root cause of my weakness. You see, the body should go to sleep and wake up only to feel better for it. In fact, the body finds it very difficult to get sick as it renews it cells on a daily basis so in theory, I should feel better every day not worse after this process.

I came to the conclusion that something must be stopping the body from healing at an optimal level and if I could find out what that was – I would have stumbled upon a solution that would change my life.

How can you feel better if you don’t know what is causing you to be less effective each day? The reality is that no matter what you do to feel better – eat well, exercise or meditate – there is a constant stress all around us that until now, not many people were aware of. It is called EMF (Elecro- Magnetic) stress or environmental stress. (And it is 99% of the reason why you do not feel better every day!)

Scientists tell us that nearly all aging and illness is caused by constant exposure to environmental stress. This can be your internet, cell phone or power-lines that run through your house and up through your body on a frequent basis. You cannot sleep deeply when your body is trying to fight off this radiation that was never designed to be absorbed by the body.

Unfortunately, because we live in the technological age, EMF stress has risen 50 million times what it was 10 years ago and we are suffering because of it; unable to feel better under this repetitive strain.

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