Un-Stub Your Toe Using Qigong!

Did you stub your toe? Do your BEST to not curse. It activates the “poor me syndrome.” Don’t jump up and down on one foot and say “OUCH” a million times to your ‘poor’ toe. Relax. Relax completely. Try this technique:

1. Put your toe against the surface you stubbed it on… (You need not be 100% precise)

2. Relax again! Imagine the pain-filled area that for now, you perceive as an area of trauma, being sent back into the surface where you stubbed your toe. Perhaps up-until-now you convinced yourself that you have no power to do such a thing. Remember it is not YOU doing the healing. Like prayer to the One, you must learn how to ask in this relaxed way to receive healing by first letting go of the fear and seeming helplessness you may temporarily be experiencing.

3. You will begin training to release those old, “poor and helpless me” ‘Energy-Thoughts’ and the perceived trauma can then be sent back into the inanimate object’s “neutral energy storage vault” where it can disperse. (The inanimate object receives it but certainly doesn’t feel pain! Everything is ENERGY! Energy can change with our intention directed to it through your changing perceptions as you develop)

4. Expect nothing. Maybe it will work. Relax some more. Having done the technique right away, now you can forget about it after about three minutes and sometimes less.

5. Try out the technique in some other situation at least ten to twenty times over years of bumpy roads ahead. Try not to be “result oriented.” Just do it when you remember to do it. Bumps or even cuts, if they could talk, truly ‘want’ to be healed by YOU connecting with the ONE. Qigong self-healing techniques can be learned with a simple technique like this, yet usually it takes quite more practice than just using it in an emergency!

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