Keys To Moving America Ahead!

In 2016, and, apparently, in the years, leading – up, to it, American voters, decided, it was time, to move, in what seemed, like a different direction! Donald Trump, seemed, to have, an uncanny, ability, to attract individuals, seeking this change, many, believing, they were losing their representation, and others, being favored, over them! In recent memory, few remember any individual, quite like Trump, in terms of his rhetoric, promises, and apparent focus, and priorities. He told voters, he would, Drain the Swamp, but, there seemed like more, swamp – like, creatures, were associated, with this man’s administration, than existed, before. Perhaps, this, partly, explains, the apparent divisiveness, and polarization, in this nation, where, he was, either, loathed, or revered, with, few, having, any, impartial view of him. Recent events should tell us, we are at a period, where, either, we do something, to improve the tone of the discussion, and America’s direction, or the nation, risks, being changed, forever (and, not, necessarily, for the better). With, that in mind, this article will attempt to, briefly, consider, examine, review, and discuss, 5 necessary, common sense, keys, to moving America, ahead, into the future.

1. Meeting – of – the – minds; common sense; greater good: Instead of encouraging, polarization, we need to encourage, a meeting – of – the – minds, for the greater good! Unfortunately, while this seems to be, common sense, it seems, we witness this, much too rarely!

2. Make it less about politics/ more about America: Public, elected officials, are, often, elected, based, more on politics, than qualifications, and/ or, visions! We have witnessed, far, too much, partisan politics, and, too little, attempt at, bipartisan cooperation!

3. Constitutional guarantees – oriented: What does this nation, mean and represent, unless/ until, the highest priority, is to preserve and maintain, all our Constitutional guarantees, not just, selective ones? This means, one can’t demand what they perceive as 2nd Amendment protections, and their, personal, 1st Amendment, ones, when, behaving, in a way, where others’ freedoms, and rights, are not respected!

4. Hold public officials accountable: While, it seems, some elected officials, seem to believe, or behave, as if, they are above the law, we actually, should hold them, to, even, higher standards! Current events, and affairs, must, demonstrate, we have reached, a point, in – time, when public officials, must be held accountable, consistently!

5. Big difference between protest, and violence: While, we should, and must, encourage peaceful protests (a protect, Constitutional right/ guarantee), this must not mean, violence, violent protests, looting, or criminal activities, is not, ever, acceptable!

Wake up, America, and realize, is we want this nation, to protect our freedoms, rights, guarantees, and way – of – life, we must demand, better, and more, from our elected, and public officials! Will you strive to be part of the solution, or contributing the overall, potential, problem?


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