Specialty Door Blinds

With all the attention given to windows, doors can be a great fit for blinds. Apartment complexes all over have vertical hanging blinds in front of their sliding wood doors, you can get much more creative. French doors are beautiful and are great for letting light in.

If you want to add some privacy, light control or just a touch of accent to your French doors then venetian wood blinds are a great choice. As the portal to your home, it is important that your doors look good and let in who you want when. And window coverings go a long way towards this goal. To really spruce up French doors, consider adding a little lace or sheer material. The delicacy of lace will make the doors look approachable instead of like hard wood and glass. Fabric window coverings are also much quieter. The low-key window shades really add elegance.

To make it feel more secluded, try paring blinds with drapes at your door. The drapes shroud the window blinds. Depending on the color and the material, it can make your door tropical or foreboding. Not really most designers’ ambition, but good for privacy none the less. Try and have your window treatments match your mood… or the mood you want to have in the morning.

When it comes to patio door blinds, most designers fall into one of two categories: the modern – cold, simple often white blinds, and earthy friendly designs. Think about what is already in your home. While a majestic window covering can be a centerpiece of your home, for most it is an accent and utilitarian design. Consider how your blinds match your home and your furniture.

It takes only simple matching sense to know what kinds of blinds go with what kinds of decor. If you have simple neo modern black and white furnishings, a warm den wood blind is just going to look strange. Door blinds are really no harder to install than other blinds, the dimensions are just a little different. Blinds manufacturers will be happy to install your window coverings for you, but you can save yourself a little coin with a DIY attitude to door blinds.

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