Why Are You Writing Articles Anyway?

As a marketer, I have tried just about every type of marketing
strategy available online (although I am guilty of keeping my
ears out for innovative tips).

One key promotional tactic that I have used for over 5 years
now would be – writing articles. I strongly encourage those
with websites to try sitting down and pick a topic in their
niche and write what they know about it.

You’ll be amaze at how many times you will say to yourself
boy that wasn’t as hard as I thought it would be. And you
are right. I’m also going to state for the record that using
PLR articles in the right way can be beneficial as well.

But let’s get back to writing good articles that get read.
Here’s a question for you: Why should you write articles?
And if you are already writing articles on a regular basis,
the question should be, why are you writing articles anyway?

Why Are You Writing Articles Anyway?

When you get down to basics, articles should be written to
inform people that you have something of value to read. It
doesn’t matter if you send your article to 600 directories
and publishers, what good is it if they all turn you down?

Think about it. For your article to get noticed, it has to
be read, right? And for it to be read, it has to be good in
the sense that it’s interesting, valuable or gives a solution
to a problem someone currently has.

The next step is realizing the purpose of your article which
is very important. What do you want? Do you want leads?
Are you trying to optimize your website? Do you want to
brand your name or web page name?

These are things you need to consider before writing your
article. It’s nice to think you’ll get hundreds of links
back to your website but will it really happen if you’re
writing or content stinks?

And you want to take special precautions if you’re looking
to brand yourself because to do this, you’ll need to come
across as an expert in your field of work or niche. So,
make sure you know what you’re talking about.

What Do Search Engines and Publishers Have In Common?

And when you think about it, search engines are not so
different from publishers. How? Well, they both are looking
for good, quality content to show their readers.

Don’t fool yourself. There’s big competition out there. They
do not lack content since a lot of people write. What they at
times lack is quality content.

How can you take advantage of this problem and beat your
competition hands down? Write with the reader in mind.

Write with the goal of helping them solve a problem that you
perhaps had. Yes, writing from your own experiences can show
the reader they’re not alone out there. You can also share
ideas and tips from other experts you respect.

Remember, the more people that actually read your articles,
the better chance of them seeing your resource box at the
bottom which if written properly, will grab their attention
enough to get them to your website.

That should be your goal. Then and only then can you win
their trust and eventually sell them on whatever you are
marketing. By doing this, you’re articles accomplish their
goal and you’ll gain wide exposure as an expert author.


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