Jotting down as many ideas as possible is helpful

Here, I am going to walk you through the top tips you’re bound to consider to develop a solid brand.

1. Concentrate on a Single Brand. Every successful company out there began by focusing its resources and branding energy developing an individual brand: the name of the organization. It would be somewhat laughable if you create myriad brand identities. Besides confusing your customers, many brands will overwhelm your resources and energy. Think of iPad, as a prime example. When Apple introduced the iPad, they didn’t focus on production of multiple models say iPad 2 or iPad Air, but rather iPad as a single brand. That is the magic of a single-brand focus. It has proven to be effective irrespective of the type of business.

2. Keep the Name Simple. A short, memorable name is ideal for your brand. It works 100% each time. Think of Google, for instance. Not many people – let’s be honest, a couple of individuals – remember it’s original name: Make your brand’s name hard to mispronounce and difficult to misspell. As trivial as those might sound, you want your customers to find you in major search engines without any hassle, and to refer your brand quickly to friends and family. If you want to pave paths once walked by giant brands like HP, follow this rule to the latter.

3. Check if your URL is available. Once you’ve got a catchy name, let it pass through the last test: URL availability. It’s paramount that you choose a brand name that matches an available domain name (URL). Registration engines like or are instrumental in your quest to find a befitting name. For brand marketers, a catchy, short and memorable URL is a slice of heaven.

4. Be Consistent. Consistency in the application and usage of your brand is very crucial. Perhaps your brand should have a consistent language, feel and look. Think about it, do you want to be called Home Fitters or HF? Stick to one.

5. Guard your brand. Now that you’ve established a brand protect it! Trademark your brand’s logo, tagline, and foremost, the name. Plus, ensure that you put out an explicit copyright declaration on all your sites.

Having a Brand Identity is invaluable and it is vital to your success. If you are an established company who needs a fresh start or if you are just starting your company, don’t over look this step. Hope these tips were helpful!


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