That Will Guarantee You A Promotion In Any Organization

. Make Sure Your Boss Likes You

2. Be Sure The Management Always Notices You

3. Ensure you keep emotions out of the equation

4. Ensure that you focus on making money for the company always

5. Take a lot of interest and passion in learning more about the company, its products and services

6. Ensure you know more about the company than anyone else

7. Always offer solutions

8. Let your boss explicitly know that you are driven by money, more responsibility and more power

9. Show that you can lead people

10. Show that your boss can trust you

11. Out of 100% time spent at work – Devote 80% at work & 20% time to sharpen your skills & develop new skills

12. Get a Mentor from the Industry and make friends with him

13. Spend your off time & off days connecting & Networking with Industry Professionals at relaxed environments

14. Study from competition

15. Don’t reveal everything about yourself to the company

16. Actively search for jobs elsewhere

17. Leave your signature on everything you do

18. Develop a stronger sense for new Technologies & Methods of working

19. Work harder on yourself than on your job

20. Wake up earlier than your competition

21. Remember your best friend at work – is your worst enemy

22. Dress smarter, sharper and better than everyone else -as if you were the owner of the company

23. Have toys and accessories that match your personality but make you larger than life at workplace

24. Always keep the owner of the company in the loop

25. Always make sure the key customers remember your name, love doing business with you and speak highly about you to your boss

26. Remember to promote yourself & advertise yourself not just to your company but to the industry


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