Prevent Baldness – 4 Secrets For Preventing Hair Loss


Do you want to prevent baldness? Well whether you are a man or a woman this article has some very effective secrets for hair regrowth and hair thinning treatment!

Secret #1 – Healthy nutrition can prevent baldness!

If you are losing hair it may be caused to poor diet. In order to aid in the growth of thick locks, you need minerals like magnesium, iodine, zinc, iron and selenium. For example eat foods like shelfish, and tuna.

Secret # 2 – The B-vitamin family helps in Hair Regrowth

Other foods that can help prevent baldness include potatoes, nuts, meats, beans and liver.

Secret # 3 – Synthetic ingredients found in many common products, and hair tools are terrible for hair regrowth!

Be careful with your shampoo and other hair products. Men and women who use straightening irons, blow dryers, perming and dyeing products should be careful and protect your hair. Use hair-care products that help your hair, including lubricants like emu oil and extra-virgin coconut butter.

Secret # 4.  Only use products that are proven to prevent baldness and regrow hair.

While there are plenty of hair loss products online, only a select few contain active ingredients to stimulate hair regrowth. One of the only FDA approved ingredients is Minoxidil which is not a brand or trade name but a ingredient. So if you plan to purchase a hair treatment product to help thicken your hair, it advisable to find one with that ingredient.

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