is the lead single from her presentation extended play Lost and Found

Lost Child” is the lead single from her presentation extended play Lost and Found, which was followed through on September 24, 2008. For the iu assortment, IU was allowed the “Beginner of the Month” by South Korea’s Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism in November that comparable year. However, the assortment didn’t do well financially.

During a gathering in 2011, IU said, “My first assortment failed, anyway I’m appreciative for that. If I had gotten successful when I made my presentation, I wouldn’t see the worth in my staff people and the reputation that I’m appreciating now.”

Regarding the display, IU explored the gathering had scolded her and anyway she from the start felt incapacitate by it, she presently views at it as an important experience.

She played out the tune live curiously on the music program M! Beginning on September 18, 2008, making it her show execution as a specialist singer.

IU communicated on a 2013 scene of Happy Together that she despised wearing the adolescent groups and hair styling intended for the tune promotions. The presentations were by and large invited and were before long named “enchanting”, reminiscent of reviews for “Boo”.

On April 23, 2009, IU dispatched her first studio assortment, Growing Up, with the lead restricted time single, “Boo”. She began her assortment progression the next day, performing “Boo” on KBS2’s Music Bank.

The tune was noted for its prominent distinction in melodic style to “Lost Child”, which was portrayed as a “significant” and “faint” song of praise diverged from the 1980s “retro sound” of “Boo”. Deemed as a “fundamental” change, the dance development, stage troupe and hair styling showed up in live displays were used to highlight her energy and errand a “enchanting” image.

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