Destiny 2 is a F2P online MMO where you create your Guardian and embark on challenging co-op missions with millions of players worldwide. With a rank of #38 on Twitch and an estimated 39.07 million players worldwide, this game is a popular choice for those who wish to enter a world of science fiction and intricate lore to cattle the evil forces and push back the coming of Darkness.

Now, with Bungie releasing the trailer of the highly anticipated expansion to the game, it’s time to brush up your knowledge of securing mod components.

Why Do You Need Mod Components?

Table of Contents

  • Why Do You Need Mod Components?
  • How to get mod components destiny 2?
    • 1. Gathering mod components destiny 2 through Banshee-44 dailies
    • How to get weapon mods destiny 2?
    • 2. Dismantling Gears and Mods
  • Is There Another Way In Which You Can Get mod components destiny 2?
  • Where Do You Use Your Mod Components?

Gamers across the world are gearing up for the launch of The Witch Queen on February 22nd, 2022, where you can go toe-to-toe with Savathun, one of the most anticipated antagonists who has been hiding in the shadows since the game’s lore began. That’s why using the right weapon and finding the proper armor is going to be more crucial than ever.

However, it’s impossible to buy weapon mods and combat-style armor mods if you don’t have enough mod components to help you out. Mod components have been a part of Destiny 2 since the beginning. However, farming them has become significantly more challenging.

Newer players don’t have the advantage of securing mod components destiny 2 left and right. With the introduction of the Destiny Content Vault, Bungie has removed several reliable methods of farming mod components. Therefore, you’re left with a few options to choose from. Thankfully, there are still a few ways to farm these components effortlessly.

How to get mod components destiny 2?

Currently, there are three ways in which you can earn mod components in the game:

  • Banshee-44 Dailies
  • Dismantling Y1 Gear
  • Dismantling Mods

Now, let’s dive into these in greater detail.

1. Gathering mod components destiny 2 through Banshee-44 dailies

Completing the Banshee’s daily bounties is the most reliable way to secure mod components destiny 2. Banshee-44 sells four bounties every day, from where you can obtain two mod components each. These bounties don’t require high-level skill or intricate tactics. Instead, they’re pretty simple, and all you have to do is secure some kills using a particular weapon or elemental damage type.

How to get weapon mods destiny 2?

Now, these daily bounties are tied to your character. So, every day, you can complete four bounties and earn a total of 8 mod components destiny 2. However, if you have three characters, you can complete 12 such daily bounties and end up with 24 mod components!

Additionally, you can play some repeatable bounties with similar objectives as the daily ones. However, you have to get kills using a specific weapon type without dying in this case. The drawback to this option is that you’d need to spend 3,000 glimmer, and you only get one mod component. So, keep it as a last resort if you’re in desperate need of more mod components destiny 2.

2. Dismantling Gears and Mods

Since the Shadowkeep expansion, Bungie has made weapon mods reusable, effectively removing the option to dismantle mods permanently. So, it’s best to keep in mind that the current Legendary gear won’t give you any mod components destiny 2. However, this is not applicable for the Year 1 mod weapons.

From the limited testing that players have conducted, they have concluded that Year 1 weapons are the ones that drop mod components destiny 2 out of all the gears. Meanwhile, Year 1 armor gives Gunsmith Materials and Legendary Shards.

Therefore, Destiny 2 players who have been playing the game since Year 1 can recreate the weapons in their inventory and dismantle them to earn mod components destiny 2. However, this is can be a pretty slow process and isn’t the most effective way to farm mod components. But if you’re looking for a break from bounties, there’s no better option than this.

But that’s not all!

There’s more in store for veteran players who haven’t checked their Modifications tab in a long while. For example, suppose you’ve been a long-time player and haven’t dismantled the deprecated mods like Transcendent Blessings, Paragon armor mods, retired Leviathan raid mods, Hive raid mods, and spare sweaty confetti destiny 2 mods. In that case, you can do so now and get one mod component each.

Is There Another Way In Which You Can Get mod components destiny 2?

While completing the daily bounties from the Banshee is an excellent way to collect mod components, it can be somewhat slow for those looking to buy newer weapon mods as soon as the Witcher expansion drops. That’s why there’s another method that you can apply for quick farming.

The Bungle 30th anniversary pack comes with the Dares of Eternity game mode and Xur’s Treasure Hoard in Eternity. When you complete Dares, you have the opportunity to obtain the sweaty confetti destiny 2 weapon mod. Then you can dismantle it and earn more mod components.

But even if you don’t obtain the sweaty confetti destiny 2 weapon mods, you get to collect the currency, which you can use at Xur’s Treasure Hoard to purchase more of them.

Where Do You Use Your Mod Components?

Once you have obtained your mod components destiny 2, you can use them to buy mods from Tower Gunsmith, Banshee-44, or Ada-1. When you go to the Banshee, you’ll find weapon mods that you can use for Legendary weapons. These can enhance accuracy, improve weapon stats, increase in-air accuracy and more.

On the other hand, Ada sells two armor mods that you can slot into certain Legendary and Exotic armor pieces. So, if you’re looking to maximize a Subclass’s abilities and improve your weapon loadout, it’s best to take a trip to Ada’s. Or else you might miss out on some excellent mods that won’t get sold for another few months.

Summing it up,

With Bungie making gear mods reusable and removing several farming methods, it has become pretty challenging for players to stock up on mod components. While completing the daily bounties is the easiest option, it is somewhat limited. On the other hand, dismantling gears isn’t available to everyone as only Year 1 Legendary weapons drop mod components. However, as long as you remain consistent and try out a mix of all the options highlighted in this blog, you’re sure to save up enough to prepare for the new expansion.


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